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The 21st century Built Industry has continued to witness numerous advancements and technology disruptions in processes, workflows, and very importantly, tools required to deliver exceptional values to clients and shape our world today. The frontline Structural Engineers of this century are thus always in need of such tools to enhance efficiency, productivity and competitive pace to stay ahead.

ProtaCompany alongside all global partners are thus very pleased to again take the lead of championing a new era in structural BIM compliant designs by developing and launching ProtaStructure 2021 – which is now available globally for purchase and deployment on projects.

ProtaStructure is an innovative BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings and infrstructural components quickly and accurately.

ProtaStructure 2021 takes Structural Engineering to a whole new level by incorporating features that greatly enhance the capabilities of tomorrow’s engineers to go beyond the norm of today. With an all improved graphical userface, Engineers are presented a vast dynamic tool that enables Structural Analysis, Design (RC, steel and steel connections), Detailing (automated and manual drafting), Documentation (reporting, scheduling), Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliant collaborations and high end interoperability across multiple allied 3rd party platforms, such as Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD, BIM 360, ArchiCAD and Tekla structures with additional export options as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).

ProtaStructure supports full scale structural engineering for reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, and structures utilizing other construction materials. It also supports multiple design codes from different regions, multiple types of analysis – including for earthquakes/seismic requirements, and interactive design for economy of scale.

ProtaStructure 2021 also particularly features tools and fast engineering macros for design and detailing of retaining walls, deep foundations (piles), staircases, and swimming pools, thereby allowing engineers to expand their capacities.

As ProtaCompany partners and sole representatives in Nigeria, KadeyPRIME Group Limited will continue to provide support to Nigerian professionals for the procurement and deployment of ProtaStructure 2021 on their projects.

ProtaStructure license is available in affordable versions of standard, professional and Enterprise with varying access to product functions.

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